Solution Focused Practice - Effective communication to facilitate change

Shennan, Guy

ISBN 9780230359123

This book provides a comprehensive and accessible guide for anyone who wishes to incorporate solution-focused practice in to their helping conversations with people, whether these take place within structured sessions or in more unplanned and spontaneous ways.

Originating in the world of talking therapies, teh adaptability and usability of solution-focused practice had made it the approach of choice for a wide range of practigtioners in health, social care and educational setting. 

Setting out the process in a clear and systematic fashion, this book shows how any conversation directed towards change can become a solution-focused one, whether in planned series of sessions with individuals, families or groups, or in the less structured contexts in which many helping professionals work. Full of real-life case examples and stimulating activities, this will be an invaluable guide to anyone wanting to develop their skills in this empowering approach.