The Host Leadership Field Book: Building engagement for performance and results

Mark McKergow (Author), Pierluigi Pugliese (Editor), Helen Bailey (Foreword)

ISBN 978-0-9933463-3-7
Six new (rules) roles of engagement for teams, organizations, communities and movements. 
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Chapter 26 The elegant art of noticing Wim Sucaet (Belgium)

Leading as a host, not a hero, is about bringing people together to address complex collective problems. This kaleidoscope of international experience shows people at all levels in many fields taking on the role of host leader to build engagement, performance and results.
The 33 contributors to the book bring a wealth of know-how and perceptive awareness from their work around the world – in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Kenya, Canada, the USA and Australia.
The cases and experience presented here come from many fields:
Business * Agile * Education * Social care * Coaching * Virtual teams * Volunteer organisations * Organisational change * Conflict resolution * Training * Community building * Leadership development

This book came into being thanks to the encouragement of Pierluigi Pugliese and his team at Connexxo GmbH, who not only organised 2019 Host Leadership gathering in Oberschleissheim, Germany but also proposed the idea of making the production of a Field Book the central purpose of the event. 
The participants in the Open Space day all contributed in one way or another to the work presented here. Some of them went on to be chapter authors, all of them deserve a mention and a round of applause for coming and playing their part: Fabio Asnicar, Dario Campagna, Leah Davcheva, Bjorn Z Ekelund, Dave Hogan, Rolf F Katzenberger, Jessika Jake, Olga Kiss, Veronika Kotrba, Claudia Luca, Jannie Lund-Nielsen, Mark McKergow, Ralph Miarka, Nicola Moretto, Dave Nicolette, Gabriella Peuker, Bruna Teresa Pietracci, Pierluigi Pugliese, Markus Reinhold, Katrin Seger, Luca Sturaro, Athena Valdovinos and Cecilia Maria Zannini. 
After the event other people got in touch to offer chapters. Thank you to everyone! You will see all the authors' names in the text.